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Updated: Aug 24, 2018

Add pop to your place!

People naturally gravitate toward pops of color when it comes to adding flair to a room. Consider how you can mix pattern in your room schemes. Patterns are exciting to use ... Vertical Lines add height to a short room, or add more height to a high ceiling. They can draw the eye to a focal point, making the room feel more immersive and interesting. A common mistake when considering what patterns work together, is tunnel vision; putting the patterns on top of each other and judging at a knee jerk. Instead, place the items in the frame, step away from your "canvas" and take in the entire room to see how it affects the feel of the space. Patterns add depth & character to every form of artistic expression whether it be interiors, architecture, fashion, art or music. So, live a little! Come walk on the wild side and play with patterns. The only rule is this: Find patterns to make and others to break.

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